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Travel-and-Leisure In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, one of my jobs is to ensure every client has the best tour possible, so here’s my top 5 places to make sure you include in any Holiday in Jordan 1. Amman. Amman is a city of contrasts. Its vibrant history lives side by side with a modern day metropolis. Amman was originally built on 7 hills and was at one point a village, yes a village of just 2,000 people. Amman became the capital in the 1920’s and now has a population of over 2,000,000. Served by numerous international airlines, it’s the perfect place to start and finish any trip to Jordan. 2. Petra. No trip to Jordan would be complete without a visit to Petra. The amazing structures carved into the rocks are truly a site to behold. In 1985 Petra became a world heritage site and recently a visitors centre was also opened. Petra is often talked about as the 8th wonder of the world. If you are travelling alone there are staff and guides available to assist you at the Petra Visitor’s Centre at entrance of the site. Guidebooks and maps are also available. Otherwise if you are on an organised tour, then you will be guided by your tour guide. Either way we suggest you make sure you take in the one kilometre long Siq, as well as Al-Deir and the High Place of Sacrifice. 3. Dead Sea. Literally the one place on the planet where even if you can’t swim, you can go swimming! The dead seas salt content is so high that you will actually float, so whilst possibly not the best place in the world to go diving, this just has to be on your Jordan to do list’. This is also a great place for those of you who enjoy spa visits as The Dead Sea area enjoys a large array of treatments on offer. 4. Wadi Mujib. A huge gorge which enters the Dead Sea 410 m below sea level and this fact alone means that it’s the lowest nature reserve in the world, not perhaps relevant to your visit, but interesting never the less. Wadi Mujib measures in at an impressive 220 square kilometres and is internationally known for its fine range of bird life. It also includes over 300 species of plants, 10 types of carnivore and a wealth of migratory birds too. A few of the valley areas are difficult to get to, and these offer homes for rare species of goats, cats and other mountain animals. 5. Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is one of Jordan most popular spots and is a real favourite with western visitors. It’s a great place to rock climb, hike, camp and the always popular Arab horse riding. The highest peak in the area, Jabal Rum, must be included in any visit as on a clear day you can sea the Saudi border and the red sea. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: