The winter night, only warm night lights and Grill – Sohu and Changchun

The winter night, only warm night lights and Changchun Grill – Sohu ", and" customers such as "this is a late night dining room like a small and delicate izakaya. Read the "Drama Night canteen" pro, some of the Home Furnishing house Mr. Kobayashi open impression. Windy night, about 32 friends on a pile of food, eating and drinking and chatting days, but a really happy again. The night on the street, facing the wind passing warm night Chun, door lanterns, quaint facade. Probe into the door, compared with the cold outside the window, window shop lamp hanging lanterns, instantly gives people a warm feeling, the most authentic wooden decoration simple and elegant, elegant light with Japanese flavor. Tonight, Naozhongqujing, to turn back the hustle and bustle of the city, as long as I am with you in the warm light, eating delicious hot, drink sweet wine pot ~ Korean seafood pot, boil a pot of hot and sour prawns and some seafood prepared warm soup, a bowl of wine, the body is warm. Skewer must be red shrimp, pleasantly surprised! Grilled prawns, seemingly dry, entrance unexpectedly fresh, more a few strings only fun! Miso crab shells burn, shaving in crab shell, collocation unique sauce, baked after the crab flavor aftertaste. Scallop in Shell burn, a small piece of butter for shellfish, melting heat, drink soup to eat shellfish meat. Salmon, scallops, sashimi assorted cold dishes, sweet shrimp, shellfish, fish, a few drops of lemon juice, fresh seafood and sweet let slip capture your taste buds. Food and other food snacks, and these are also delicious, delicious, the price is very good ~ —- —- environment: warm comment node Japanese style Izakaya tone. Features: all kinds of delicious and cost-effective baking. Recommendation: Korean seafood pot miso, crab shells burn, burn, Scallop in Shell must be red shrimp skewer. Address: South Lake in Siming District of Xiamen city to hotels (beside the bus station between Lianban waitu and Lake Road East).相关的主题文章: