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UnCategorized Eye care is important for any time of the year, but as the summer months start tempting patients outside in swimsuits and tank-tops, simple tricks to maintaining good eyesight are just as important as remembering to even out that tan. After all, the last thing you want to do is start September with a new pair of glasses! To keep your eyesight good as new, just remember these quick tips: Wear your sunglasses! UV rays can cause a sunburn or skin cancer, but they can also affect your keen vision! The number one rule of summer eye care is to never forget your sunglasses, because too much UV light can cause a condition called ‘sunshine cataracts’. If you spend more time in the pool than out of it, try getting a pair of tinted goggles; this two-in-one package can protect your eyes from both chlorine and sunlight. Visit your eye doctor Early September may be the time of year for doctor’s appointments for your kids, but while you’re making appointments, don’t forget to make one for yourself. Eye doctors can catch symptoms of eye disease and blindness-or even just that little tweak your prescription needs-early on, and the sooner you find out about any problems your eyes might have, the sooner you can treat them. Contact lenses: read the label If your contact lenses are only supposed to last a week and you wear them for three, your eye care standards may be a little lower than they should be. Through general contact wear and tear, proteins can build up, impacting your vision and putting you at greater risk for eye infection. When you do re-use contacts, rinse them each time you take them out, and remember to only purchase high-quality lenses that are a .fortable fit for your eye. Eat the rainbow One of the easiest ways to perfect your eye care is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the health effects fruits and veggies have on the rest of your body, the vitamins and minerals present in these multi-colored snacks can also help you maintain healthy eyesight. Antioxidants present in some .mon fruits and vegetables have been proven to slow the effects of aging and chronic diseases that affect eyesight. While you may not be able to restore the vision you have already lost, you can certainly help maintain your current level of sight through a healthy diet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: