Tips To Open A Bottle Of Champagne-diying

Wine-Spirits In order to open a champagne bottle successfully you need just a little patience or some skill. In this article were going to talk about opening a bottle of champagne step by step regardless of the champagne brands or how expensive the bottle is. If you are doing this for the first time it’s safer to practice with a smaller bottle (200 ml), yet learning to how to open a regular bottle should be your priority. It’s OK to pick a regular (750 ml) bottle of champagne if you can’t find a smaller one. The first thing you should do is to make sure the bottle is cooled down. Put it inside an ice bucket for 20 minutes. You can put it in the icebox as well. Chilled champagne is much more tasty and the pressure lowers down, avoiding a waste when you open it. The ideal temperature tu drink it is 5 8 degrees C (45 F). When the bottle is cooled down, take a towel and clean the surface. A dry bottle is easier to handle. Next, rip the plastic cover and don’t agitate the bottle too much. You dont know how much the bottle was agitated before you bought it so you dont want any extra pressure building up. Now remove the wire cage and hold a strong grip on the bottle while your thumb is placed on the cork to avoid an accidental pop. However, most of the times, it will not pop by itself but you have to be prepared. Cover the champagne bottle with a towel, then incline the bottle at an angle pointing it in a safe direction. Next, with your main hand slowly twist the cork while griping the bottle firmly with your secondary hand. You can also twist the bottle while holding the cork. You’ll hear a pop shortly however, sometimes it won’t open so easily. Try harder and if it doesn’t work, try shaking the bottle and then try again. Eventually youll do it, but most of the times it wont be necessary to agitate it. Don’t use a bottle screw. After you open it, take off the towel and start pouring the champagne. Pour just a little and the sparkle will fill up the glass. When the foam is gone, pour some more. Following these tips will work with each kind of champagne, indifferent of how expensive it is. Usually if its more expensive, there will be less chances for accidents, as low-priced champagne brands might have a weak wire cage or a thinner glass. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: