Top Free Website Testing Tools

Web-Development Whether you are an online store selling products or an online marketing firm providing different marketing services or a business that has some online presence for the customers, it is important that your website runs fine. By running fine doesnt only means that the website should have a 100% uptime but having a proper testing of the site regularly is also mandatory to avoid many other problems like page load time, coding errors, seo friendliness etc. Gone are the days when people were patient using Internet and were willing to spend minutes opening a single web page. In the current scenario no internet user spends more than 15 seconds on a single web page to load. Therefore having a proper tested and well optimized site is very important. A site which loads quickly will definitely have a low bounce rate and a good user experience. A websites speed to render quickly is very critical to its usability and success. To test your website for different issues there are several very good tools available for free that can give you the status of your website in seconds. In order to have a bug free website that is optimized for performance you can use the tools mentioned below in the article. It will definitely be a good thing to use these free tools to make your site perfect and why not after all, these tools .e free for you. 1. Gtmetrix – One of the best tools available for website page speed testing and other speed related issues. The best thing about this tool is it includes results of Page speed and YSlow. The results are quite .prehensive and give a clear idea of what needs to be sorted out to increase the page load speed. 2. Pingdom tools -This speed-testing tool by Pingdom provides different reports like a detailed breakup of load time of each web page object (CSS, graphics, Java scripts etc). The tool also provides information on load time, page size and requests. 3. Woorank – A free tool primarily for checking your SEO score. It is not fully free and generates a single report for a day. However the data presented is very nicely structured and a score is generated indicating the website performance on different SEO parameters. 4. Phostir – Phostir is a totally new tool that works on the basis of a traffic light system to identify errors on high medium and low priority web pages. The best use of this tool is to fix the pages which are frequently visited by the Internet users. 5. Responsinator – As the name suggests, Responsinator is a free tool for testing the responsive feature of the website. This tools tells you how the site will appear on different devices, these includes ipad and iPhone as well. 6. W3C Validator – The most .mon but loved by all web designers and developers. W3C validator is still popular as it was 5 years back. Almost 99% of the people use this free tool to check the validation for their website. 7. BrokenlinkChecker – Brokenlinkchecker as the name suggest is a free tool to check the broken links in your website. You just need type your website URL in the search box and click check; the tools will display all the broken links in your website along with the source URL and display URL. It is very useful if you have a big site with deep interlinking. Using these tools will definitely help your website a lot. By improving the website load speed and other performance related factors you can achieve good results for your website. About the Author: By: sinuse – By: sinuse – By: ripplewerkz – By: michelkein – By: Oracle – PDX Design – By: sinuse – By: Maria A Williams – By: michelkein – By: Darshan – By: michelkein – 相关的主题文章: