Two barrels of oil, said the high price of gasoline and diesel sales return diesel is almost meager

Two barrels of oil that gasoline and diesel sales are not high returns: diesel is almost profit two barrels of oil in Zhejiang hit "Li Gui" copycat card in the pit China youth who emerge in an endless stream · youth online reporter Li Jianping "the car will refuel!" Want to do Sinopec, PetroChina business?" Even Japan, a company in Guangdong set up a branch in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, held a press conference to publicize its "oil card" air recharge package. PetroChina Zhejiang sales company announced that it has never been carried out with any agency and its App system on behalf of the collection, on behalf of the prepaid business cooperation, has never been held away from the law of value of preferential activities. Sinopec Zhejiang petroleum company propaganda office director Zhang Gang said recently been busy rumor: Sinopec and CNPC card "no association to remind the company more than 900 fuel card user is not deceived. According to the Chinese Youth Daily reporter survey found · the middle line, "two barrels of oil" and "Li Gui" in the Zhejiang market "vs." not a denial notice so simple. A company in Guangdong is also a social media organization in an article about the "oil card" official accusation to fight back. Internet plus energy, breaking the monopoly industry to become a selling point "in the past, copycat fuel card in other areas can we feel very far away, the" oil card "toward Zhejiang Ningbo Taiwan area, let a person feel the hitherto unknown tension." PetroChina Zhejiang marketing company gas station management office director Jiang Zhiyong took the "oil card" Wenzhou branch news conference said promotional materials distributed. "The oil card" Taizhou Branch issued a notice of the opening ceremony in social media: all holders of Sinopec, PetroChina gas card users to recharge the company, 0.3 yuan per liter discount ranging from ~1.5 yuan, the general; the annual recharge set 14 thousand yuan to send 5000 yuan, 1000 yuan per month, 19 months. Distributors, agents, regional providers were 300 yuan, respectively, $500 and $600, there is a need to connect with the resources of the total Wang and others contact. Gas station business hall in Sinopec Cixi City, a man told the woman to Sinopec fuel card, download a App register binding in the mobile phone card, through App recharge 15 thousand yuan can get 4000 yuan discount. Business office staff to remind the woman, do not believe that such promotions. According to the sources, the "oil card" is a self proclaimed "Internet plus energy + employment of large integrated wealth platform, its members are consumers, but also the market promotion, so as to realize the popularization of employment and entrepreneurship". Ordinary consumers using a mobile phone to download in the App card must enter the mobile phone number, verification code and references home name, mobile phone number, after strict verification before registration. In Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places to hold a press conference is also organized, there is no invitation and on-line introduction simply can not enter the scene." The person said, "the oil card" to introduce their own business, everyone is all distribution and three level distribution, but the actual operation of相关的主题文章: