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The court ruled that Samsung should be due to a violation of the "slide to unlock" patent compensation for Apple Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 8th morning news, according to Bloomberg, a Apple Corp won the appeal this week, the case involving the company long before the "slide to unlock" patent lawsuits against samsung. This week’s ruling should be restored to the original ruling Apple Corp Samsung compensation $119 million 600 thousand, after the United States Court of Appeals for the federal circuit (Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) in February wrongly rejected the adjudication. Apple Corp in this case accused Samsung violated its slide unlock patent, automatic error correction function and a patent for the detection of mobile phone number. Among them, the majority of damages ($98 million 700 thousand) are for the phone number to detect the patent, Samsung has been ruled that did not infringe the patent. In addition, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in February ruled that the other two patent is invalid, but this week’s verdict on appeal had never questions or outside the court records based on information and its decision for the wrong decision. In the latest version of the iOS 10 operating system, Apple Corp is no longer using sliding unlock feature, but instead to allow users to press the Home button to unlock the phone. Another high-profile lawsuit between Apple Corp and Samsung will continue to be tried in the US Supreme Court next week. According to Bloomberg News reported that the results of the case will determine how much Samsung compensation for its infringement of iPhone design patents to the Apple Corp. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: