U.S. drone strikes again 22 Somali soldiers killed – Sohu Military Channel running man 20130908

U.S. drone strikes again: caused by the death of 22 Somali soldiers – Sohu military channel data figure: MQ-9 UAV launch Hellfire missile instant. Muqdisho news: Somali officials said 28, the day of the U.S. drone air strikes in central Somalia, killing at least 22 Somali soldiers were killed and 16 injured. The region in central Somalia Mudug security minister Jia local government Osman Ismail?? Noel said at a news conference on the same day, human Somali extremist organization youth party without military targets in air strikes, but caused a large number of Somali soldiers killed. U.S. military action has led to a demonstration in somalia. Noel said that the U.S. military may be the wrong intelligence information. The United States should explain the incident. It is reported that the United States has a small number of soldiers in Somalia, mainly to guide and assist in combating the youth party". U.S. military drone strikes are also used to combat the youth party". Somali youth party is associated with Al Qaeda extremist organizations, in recent years, Somalia and its neighbors repeatedly launched terrorist attacks. In order to eradicate the "Youth Party", the Somali security forces and the African Union forces launched a series of military operations.相关的主题文章: