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Computers-and-Technology Once you’ve decided to get a CRM (customer relationships management) system the next step is deciding which type of CRM package is right for you. CRM systems fall into 3 main categories: * Web based CRM Software * Desktop CRM solutions and; * Internally hosted CRM programs In the past you could spend hours weighing up your options. Which one is more secure? What will be the most cost effective? And what system will provide the best performance? Now the way forward is much more clear. Web Based CRM software has you covered on price, performance and security. When you add the benefit of flexible access (something you just can’t realise with desktop or internally hosted solutions) it is easy to see why web based CRM software is fast becoming the number 1 choice. Price is a major influencing factor for many organisations. If your budget is strict or just want to achieve a high return on investment then Web Based CRM software is consistently the most cost effective. Sometimes desktop or internally hosted solutions may seem more affordable in the long run but this is misleading. For example internally hosted CRM systems require internal server equipment. Internal servers are expensive; you will also have to have it installed and budget for continued maintenance. This can quickly eat into any savings made on your software licensing fee. The hidden costs with desktop solutions include updates, often these are not included in your licensing fee. So even though you paid a licensing fee ‘for life’ that software may be out of date in 3 years time. If it becomes incompatible with your new operating system (such as a windows update) you will either have to drop the system and invest in a new CRM or pay the ‘update fees’ which can sometimes be as much as a new system anyway. Most web based CRM software providers host your data for you (eliminating the need for internal servers) and include all updates in their low monthly rate.Here is a brief summary of the benefits of Web Based CRM Software: * Flexible Access. You (and your staff) can access the system anytime from anywhere. Making it ideal for mobile sales reps or across multiple offices. * Hardware Compatible. There is no need to buy new hardware, most systems also allow you to access your data through any desktop computer, laptops and even smart phones and tablet devices. * More Secure. Your info will be stored in state of the art data centres, these are the same data centres that store sensitive banking information so the security is tight. And when you access your data online all activity will be sent via encrypted code. * No Hassles. Your Web Based CRM software provider will take care of data storage, regular updates and be on call if you encounter any problems.Many providers also give you free training videos. * Affordable. You pay an all inclusive flat fee, meaning there are no nasty surprises. This fee is charged monthly, making it is much easier to get started without paying a fortune in setup costs. And many providers allow you to downgrade or cancel anytime. * Faster. Many of the newer systems are built on revolutionary frameworks and they work up to 7 times quicker than clunky desktop software or old school web based systems. * User Friendly. Simple yet powerful, these systems are easier to navigate and require minimal training. One the whole web based CRM software provides a better fit for the majority of businesses. Internally hosted or desktop solutions are swiftly becoming obsolete and suitable only for businesses in regions where internet access is extremely slow or non-existent. But do your research before settling on a specific web based CRM software package. Some are faster than others, have better pricing models and offer more customization options for companies with special requirements. Most web based providers offer free demo accounts (some even offer complete free versions) so try out a few until you find a system that fits. About the Author: By: Aaron – Some honest to goodness organizations offer you a guarantee period of the services they have offered. They have confidence in the nature of the work they convey. You can consider such offices after some ground resea … By: Neal David – The literal meaning of the word "mobile" is to a certain extent lost due to the wired chargers which kind of limits the freedom of consumers to use their mobile handsets in a more optimal manner. 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