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Mobile-Cell-Phone When you think about sending SMS messages, you often just think about sending them from your cell phone, but that isnt the only option. Nowadays you can actually send SMS from web sites for a fraction of what it costs you to send them from your cell phone, and sometimes you can actually send SMS from web sites for free. There are various benefits to this, apart from the cost. For one thing, you may or may not want the recipient to know who sent the message. When you send an SMS message from your cell phone, your cell phone number will normally go with the message and the recipient knows who sent it. However, when you send SMS from web sites, no number goes with it, or if it does it certainly isnt yours, so SMS from web sites can be .pletely anonymous. Another aspect of sending SMS from web sites is that when it is so much cheaper than sending SMS messages from your cell phone, you can send many more messages than you otherwise would be able to afford. For instance, if you are running a marketing campaign, and it can be for anything, you can send many more SMS from web sites for the same amount of money or less than it would cost you to send just a few messages from your cell phone. This has particularly important implications for businesses, especially those aiming their products or services at the age bracket that is most attached to its cell phones. Sending SMS from web sites allows you to run effective short term promotions, sending messages to thousands of people to let them know that if they call or text within the next hours they will be eligible for a free something or money off something else. Sending SMS from web sites can really have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as you can also track whether or not the SMS messages were actually received. This means that not only can you reach thousands of people for very little outlay, but you can also accurately interpret the statistics regarding the success of sending SMS from web sites, as you will know if anyone didnt receive the message which means you can do your analysis knowing how many people received the message, rather than how many people you sent it to. Sending SMS from web sites can revolutionize your .munications, as the lack of expense and the ability to send messages to thousands, if not more, people simultaneously allows you to run very short term offers. Another benefit of sending SMS from web sites is that you can benefit from the forwarding effect, for free! Thats right. When someone receives your message, if it is of interest to them they dont care that it was SMS from web sites. If they are interested they will respond and they may well forward it on to someone else that they think will be interested. This means that they will then pick up the marketing ball for you and it wont cost you a penny. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: