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How do you determine if a logo is up to the standard required? How effective is a great logo on a brand? What are the physiognomies of a great logo? Representation A logo is a representation of a brand, which if correctly done, greatly enriches and enhances the image of a company. It assists in establishing a brand in the market . Although it may seem simple, a logo is difficult to design. When a logo is created, the entire company and everything it stands for needs to be refined down to a basic, graphic representation. Simplicity Simplicity is one of the most important factors involved in a company logo design process. Connection People connect with a logo as it assists in setting up a successful brand amongst its competitors. One of the main marketing tactics employed by any company today is the creation of a good logo when planning a marketing campaign for a newly-established brand or refreshing an established brand. Logo Design Characteristics There are certain characteristics a good logo must have to connect with its target market. The purpose of a company plays a huge part in determining the logo design of the company. Different types of organisations seek different types of logos. The business logo design must be compatible with its purpose. Delivering a Clear Message The purpose of a logo is to clearly represent the image of the business because the logo is the first element, which comes in contact with a prospective customer. Therefore, the message has to be clear enough to connect instantly. Product Function The function of a company is important. Which audience is it talking to? What are the products of the company? The logo, being the identity of a company, must signify its products in some way. It has to make sense in an intelligent way. Ethics and Values The ethics and principles of a company also play a big part. Many company logo designs today are based on their values. It is an incorrect perception that the logo must be complex to project its message. A simple and effective logo works best. Visual Impact Design has the biggest impact. It has to be bold enough to grab attention and simple enough to be memorable. Combining shapes with colors and typefaces into a logo design is more an art than science. Sustainability A good logo must remain relevant and age well over time to bring the product/brand through its life-cycle arc to become an established brand, and still remain strong. Tagline Develop a tagline. A great tagline is a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that captures the essence of your brand in just a few words. Palette The good logo must also work in grey scale format (devoid of colours). Colour helps to enhance the logo design, not make it an effective logo. Continuity The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website, promotional and packaging materials should all work to integrate your logo and effectively communicate your brand . The Differentiator Simply put, overall, your brand is your promise to your customer. It lets them know what they can expect from your services and products, and it distinguishes your offering from your competitors’. 10 main contributions an effective logo design can have in establishing the image of a company: 1. A logo can be called the face’ of the company. A good logo can create the impression of a good company in the mind of the targeted audience. 2. A well-crafted business logo design can convey, in the form of an image, the purpose of a company, which would take many words to convey. 3. A professional logo, designed in an intelligent manner describes how serious the brand is about its products. 4. A brand most often is distinguished from its competitors on the virtue of its company logo design and branding alone 5. A professional and relevant logo will most often turn the tide in favour of the brand rather than its competitors. 6. The logo of the company becomes its image. A strong and creative logo design will assist in market share growth. 7. A great logo establishes the virtues and traditions on which a company is built. The brand image of a business is greatly determined by its ethics. 8. Brand kits are vital ensuring colour scheme, fonts, typeface, logo placement guidelines, look and feel remain standard throughout all marketing and advertising materials. You don’t need to be fancy, just consistent. 9. A good logo helps a company have a professional, clean and polished look. The cleaner and more stylistic and original a logo is the more opportunity there is that it will stand out. 10. A brand can capture a market much quicker with the help of a well-designed logo that is relevant and consistent in conveying its message to the audience it wants to attract. 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