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His wife’s strict commitment, "never separated", took care of paralyzed husband for 23 years – Sohu news more than 20 years, Chen Haiping has been taking care of paralyzed husband Zhang Congrong, "this year, the most happy and stable."." Chen Haiping, a 63 year old man in Nanjing, held his husband’s hand in a wheelchair, with a face satisfied. In March 1993, a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, so that only 47 years old Zhang Congrong paralyzed from now on, no self-care ability. For more than 20 years, the wife’s care, so that he always keep his hair neat, clean and warm, there is no dirt. "I was practicing a promise 23 years ago, when he was unconscious, I said to him," take good care of him forever, and we’ll never be separated. ". This year is twenty-fourth years, and I never forget it." Relieved: "my payment is in return for him to eat and laugh." yesterday was Valentine’s day. For Chen Haiping, this festival seemed to have been away from her for a long time, but she was still grateful for this new year. "On the eve of the new year’s Eve, he started coughing violently and couldn’t get in and drink. I am anxious to have cooked the dinner on New Year’s Eve, results and the two sons of diarrhea." Zhang Congrong sat on the side of the wheelchair, staring at his wife, smiling and laughing. "He will not speak, nor will he go, talk to him, do not have any response, but I think of him as a healthy person, chat with him, joke, make him happy."." Chen Haiping every day need to vegetables, rice and fruit all processed into paste, call the husband to give her husband through nasal feeding; brush, exercise, laundry, barber, night stand up, help the toilet etc.. "The happiest thing for me is to have a full sleep, even one night."." Even so, she still felt relieved. "My efforts were exchanged for him to eat, drink and laugh."." The collapse of her husband because of cerebral hemorrhage fell at the end of March 16, 1993, and resolutely take charge as chief of husband Zhang Congrong has been knocked down. The hospital examination results for cerebral hemorrhage, Zhang Congrong continuous coma for 24 days. Her husband was hospitalized for more than 40 days, Chen Haiping take care of him not to undress. Zhang Congrong not only woke up, but also communicated with his family. The thought of a bitter bitter day, it can get better, which occurred 2010, serious brain water let Zhang Congrong again life on the line, 40 days on the 3 surgery, Zhang Congrong couldn’t even sit up. Chen Haiping spent another half a year letting her husband learn to sit and stand. She has a belief: "as long as I don’t give up, he’ll be fine."." Commitment: "we will never separate" since then, Zhang Congrong has experienced a severe pulmonary infection, heart disease and so on, were ultimately pulled back from the gates of hell. "If I will not firm, will soon collapse and give up, but I know his life in my hand, I just slightly loosen, he might have been killed," Chen Haiping knows "promise" two word weight than anyone, "he was in a coma when I told him to take. Take care of him for a lifetime, we will never separate. This year is twenty-fourth years, and I never forget it..

妻子严守承诺“永远不分离” 照顾瘫痪丈夫23载-搜狐新闻 20多年来,陈海萍一直悉心照顾瘫痪的丈夫张从容   “今年这个年,过得最幸福安稳。”63岁的南京人陈海萍握着轮椅上丈夫的手,一脸满足。   1993年3月,一场突如其来的脑出血,让当时只有47岁的张从容从此瘫痪,毫无自理能力。20多年里,妻子的悉心照顾,让他始终保持头发整齐、身上干净温暖、没有一点污物。“我在践行23年前的一句承诺,他昏迷时我曾对他说,要好好照顾他一辈子,我们永远不分离。今年是第24年,这句话,我一刻都没忘记。”   欣慰:   “我的付出换回他能吃能笑”   昨天是情人节,对于陈海萍来说,这个节日似乎已经和她远离很久,但她依旧对这个新年心存感激。“回想去年除夕当天,他开始剧烈咳嗽,吃不进、喝不进。我急得年夜饭都没煮熟,结果和两个儿子都上吐下泻。”   张从容坐在一旁的轮椅上,眼神一直盯着妻子,看到她笑,也跟着笑起来。“他现在不会说,也不会走,和他说话,没有任何回应,但我把他当成健康的人,一样和他聊天,说笑话逗他开心。”   陈海萍每天需要把所有的菜、饭、水果都加工成糊状,通过鼻饲打给丈夫;还要给丈夫擦身、锻炼、换洗衣服、理发、夜里翻身、帮忙上厕所等等。“对我来说最幸福的事,就是能睡个整觉,哪怕一晚也好。”即便如此,她依旧感到欣慰,“我的付出,换回了他能吃能喝能笑。”   崩溃:   丈夫因为脑出血倒下了   1993年3月16日夜里,一向独当一面、雷厉风行的丈夫张从容,被击倒了。医院检查结果为脑出血,张从容连续昏迷了24天。   丈夫住院40多天,陈海萍衣不解带地照顾他。张从容不仅醒了,还能和家人简单地交流。本以为苦一苦,日子能慢慢好起来,哪想到,2010年,严重的脑部积水让张从容再次命悬一线,40天内上了3次手术台,张从容连坐都坐不起来了。   陈海萍再次花了半年时间,让丈夫学会了坐和站。她有个信念:“只要我不放弃,他就会好。”   承诺:   “我们永远不分离”   此后,张从容又经历过严重的肺部感染、心脏病等等,最终都被从鬼门关拽了回来。   “如果我意志不坚定,马上就会崩溃和放弃,但我知道,他的生命握在我手中,我只要稍微松一松,他可能就没命了,”陈海萍比任何人都知道“承诺”二字的重量,“他昏迷时我曾对他说,要好好照顾他一辈子,我们永远不分离。今年是第24年,这句话,我一刻都没忘记。”   如今,陈海萍还有一个最大的心愿――两个分别出生于1975年和1978年的儿子,至今没有结婚。陈海萍说,希望有善良的女孩可以与她联系。相关的主题文章: