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Within a month, intends to invest 45 million   three new board listed company keen to spend money to buy a house – Shanghai Channel – people.com.cn original title: three new board listed company keen to spend money to buy a house despite the recent introduction of more market regulation policy, but the new board listed company is still getting in money. The reporter statistics, nearly a month since the 4 listed company plans to spend 45 million yuan, home buyers in Haikou, Kunshan, Foshan, Changchun. Most of the listed companies and the new board listed company, will be aimed at the investment project of commercial office and industrial plant and land. According to the new board of information disclosure, the real city of science and technology, wing Czech shares, reasson shares and the building become the property buyers since September.. Where Yi technology plans to spend 1 million 700 thousand yuan to purchase a set of commercial housing in Haikou; Czech wing company plans to spend 20 million yuan acquisition of plant and land in Jiangsu Kunshan; reasson shares intends to invest 14 million 120 thousand yuan to buy commercial office space and underground garage in Jilin Changchun; while the building is a planned investment of not more than 10 million yuan to buy Guangdong Foshan office. With a lot of Listed Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to buy a house to buy, because the three new board company around the distribution of their funds are limited, so most are in their own house to buy land registration. For the purchase of real estate, many industry insiders believe that many listed company to buy industrial sites and factories must be for their own production, but the purchase of office space investment means. A Beijing three new board executives told reporters that the cash flow is not very rich three new board listed company, may rent the office more affordable, so more to buy a house is to be able to improve the office environment or waiting for appreciation and rental income. Since this year, commercial real estate is popular in domestic first-tier cities. A real estate agency data show that 1 to September this year, Beijing commercial housing turnover of only more than 53 thousand units, an increase of more than 3 times, the average transaction price rose 23.5%. Dead Leung Ban data show that the two quarter of Shanghai investors continue to be optimistic about the Shanghai office market, the core business district office average value rose to 71878 yuan per square metre. CITIC Securities real estate chief researcher Chen Cong believes that this year, part of first-tier cities office the entire trading very active. Like CBD, the Beijing Shanghai Pudong area area in the future will still have a large volume of high-quality office supplies into the city, not the pursuit of major companies to buy short-term office property prices, but pay more attention to the office of stable rental returns. This can bring stable return on assets, under the economic downturn environment more attractive. This industry sources said, although not the most hot first-tier cities from the recent listed company purchase locations, but also reflects the real estate field from the listed company hopes to "make money" idea. (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong) 一个月内拟投入4500万 新三板挂牌公司热衷花钱买房–上海频道–人民网 原标题:新三板挂牌公司热衷花钱买房 尽管近期多地出台了楼市调控政策,但是新三板挂牌公司却仍然在花钱买房。记者统计,近一个月以来,有4家挂牌公司计划花费4500万元,在海口、昆山、长春、佛山置业。 大部分上市公司和新三板挂牌公司,都将投资瞄准了商业办公项目和工业厂房及土地。 根据新三板披露的信息,实邑科技、翼捷股份、锐讯股份和中筑天佑自9月份以来成为房产买家。其中实邑科技计划花费170万元在海口购入一套商住房;翼捷股份计划花费2000万元在江苏昆山购入厂房及土地;锐讯股份拟投入1412万元在吉林长春购入商业办公场所和地下车库;而中筑天佑则计划投入不超过1000万元购入广东佛山的办公场所。 与不少沪深上市公司选择在北京、上海、广州、深圳买房买地不同,新三板公司由于在各地分布,自身资金有限,因此大部分都在自身的注册地买房买地。 对于购入的这些房地产,不少业内人士认为,很多挂牌公司买工业用地和厂房肯定是为了自身生产,但是购入办公场所则有投资的意味。一位北京新三板高管对记者说,对于现金流并不十分充裕的新三板挂牌公司来说,可能租房子办公更“实惠”一些,所以买房的更多地是希望能够改善办公环境或等待升值及收入租金。 今年以来,商业地产在国内一线城市受到欢迎。一家房地产中介机构的数据显示,今年1至9月,北京仅商住房就成交了超过5.3万套,同比增加3倍多,成交均价同比增长23.5%。 戴德梁行数据显示,上海二季度投资者继续对上海写字楼市场持乐观态度,核心商圈甲级写字楼平均价值上升至每平方米71878元。 中信证券地产首席研究员陈聪认为,今年以来,部分一线城市写字楼整栋交易十分活跃。像上海的陆家嘴区域、北京的CBD区域未来仍将有大体量的优质写字楼供给入市,企业买入并不主要追求写字楼物业短期价格上涨,而是更看重写字楼稳定的租金回报。这种能带来稳定回报的资产,在经济下行的环境之下更加诱人。 对此业内人士称,虽然从近期挂牌公司购房的地点看并非最热的一线城市,但是也体现出挂牌公司希望从房产领域“赚钱”的心思。 (责编:严远、轩召强)相关的主题文章: