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Women have children to treat dysmenorrhea? Say only half of Sohu – every time I see a girl because of maternal pain, dysmenorrhea and pale all around, always hear someone with "the birth of a child, gave birth to the child is good" in the words of comfort. Hear more, it was difficult to distinguish between true and false. This judgment is right or wrong, the cause must first clarify the dysmenorrhea. The etiology of dysmenorrhea is divided into cervical canal stenosis and hypoplasia of uterus, uterine abnormal position and gynecological diseases (especially endometriosis, adenomyosis), genetic factors, endocrine factors and emotional factors. After the birth of the child will not dysmenorrhea, need to discuss the situation. If dysmenorrhea is because of cervical stenosis, excessive uterine retroversioflexion, or uterine abnormalities caused by the menstrual blood of patients and exfoliative endometrial debris flow is blocked, no pain, this is the primary dysmenorrhea. This kind of dysmenorrhea common in girls, generally occurs at menarche and after a period of time. The uterus is growing as the fetus grows and the cervix becomes soft, creating conditions for the birth of the fetus. Delivery, the fetus through the cervical canal, played a role in the expansion of the cervical canal stenosis, and to a certain extent, improve the excessive curvature of the uterus and other abnormal position. Delivery of cervical mouth becomes loose, the position of the uterus has been corrected, the blood flow of the pathway becomes smooth, the blood and exfoliative endometrial more easily discharged, so will relieve dysmenorrhea, or even disappear. But some gynecological diseases (especially endometriosis, adenomyosis) caused by dysmenorrhea is in need of treatment, some patients even need surgical treatment, children can not solve this kind of patients with dysmenorrhea. In addition, due to emotional, genetic or other factors caused by dysmenorrhea, after the birth of the child is also difficult to improve symptoms. Therefore, women dysmenorrhea can not just wait for marriage and childbearing, and should go to the hospital for obstetrics and Gynecology doctor comprehensive examination, due to differentiation. In addition, there are claims that two children born to leave treatment when one child "month", this view is not scientific. For some Tixu mom, the yard after adequate rest and nutrition, immunity enhancement, some symptoms can be alleviated, but this is not because the "confinement" cure, but while conditioning the confinement of the opportunity, if the original condition is more complex or more serious, not only through the confinement will be able to "sit" disease. Therefore, if the "confinement" problems have not been completely resolved, still must be treated actively, adjust, don’t wait for the two children born to treatment. First of all, physical discomfort for the fetus is very unfavorable; secondly, even if it is to have two children, if not scientific nursed back to health, it is impossible to completely restore the body. Therefore. To pay attention to the nursed back to health after childbirth, avoid the "month of disease". Let birth return to nature, enjoy the joy of production when the mother listed companies, quality of care. Guiyang and the United States and the United States with the technical strength and the center of obstetrical medical investment company has set up a strong team of experts, obstetrics, ximey JCI diagnosis standard, the standard of diagnosis and treatment process, advocate natural production concept, 24 hour nursing, 9 to 1 surround service.相关的主题文章: