Xingtai, Hebei, a merchant stabbed 3 inspectors led to the death of 1 police are full pursuit bree daniels

Hebei Xingtai traders stabbed 3 inspectors caused 1 dead police hunt – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Xingtai Xinhua (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui) Hebei Xingtai Public Security Bureau official micro-blog released the case informed that on the 24 day at 23:52, 16:50 on October 24th Xu, Xingtai detachment chased three team of inspectors in the city clean Lane traders the law enforcement team, and a vendor Zhang language dispute, Zhang knife stabbed 3 inspectors, resulting in 3 inspectors caused 1 dead 1 injured 1 injured. Zhang suspects fled the scene after the attack. Zhang identity has been identified, the public security organs are in full pursuit. 25 am, in the field of law enforcement inspectors Liu Ming (a pseudonym) told reporters that the incident of Xingtai city Yongkang street and Xinggang Road intersection, because of large and medium-sized institutions around, so the street gathered all cart hawkers selling. Nearby residents repeatedly call the urban management complaints telephone report, the local urban management has also repeatedly governance. Yesterday’s action did not occur, especially violent conflict, when the inspectors asked to sell Tomatoes on sticks vendors Zhang left lane road to Zhang suddenly took out a knife, to the inspectors Sohn 3 people stabbed. "I’m from the incident site about 50 meters, is to persuade the vendor to leave, suddenly heard someone shouting, only to find colleagues Sohn was stabbed on the ground, there are two players were injured, the knife is not hurt, like the street pineapple peeling knife." Inspectors Zhang Zhi (a pseudonym) said. Vendors sell ice said Li Zhen, Zhang Tomatoes on sticks the people are very enthusiastic, not only for customer enthusiasm, but also caring for traders around. Who is late, he will help account for a booth. 24, Xingtai police released the case informed that in October 24, 2016, 16 PM, Xingtai city inspectors detachment three brigade captain Sohn led inspectors several people in Yongkang city and street patrol Xinggang Road intersection on the north side of the Xingtai Institute of technicians, clean Lane vendors. At 16:50 PM, when Sohn inspectors advised traders selling ice out of the lane Tomatoes on sticks Zhang, the two sides dispute language, Zhang suddenly from his cart picked up a knife, toward the sun and so on police officers stabbed him, causing Sohn, 3 officers were injured, the sun after the rescue died, one of the inspectors was seriously injured, the other inspectors face was scratched. Zhang suspects fled the scene after the attack. Zhang identity has been identified, the public security organs are in full pursuit. (end)相关的主题文章: