Xinjiang has three major team semi-final Las Guo Shaoshui is the true leader candy boy

Xinjiang has three major team semi-final Las Guo Shaoshui is the true leader of the three national champion – Jinling Evening News reporter Zhao Yanyan CBA in the semi-finals will be held tomorrow night started, Liaoning and Guangdong, Xinjiang and Sichuan together to fight. Guangdong has won eight Championships, Liaoning and Xinjiang have reached the finals several times, with three foreign aid Sichuan team is the big dark horse this season. These four teams also gathered in 2015 Asian Championship Chinese men’s basketball team 12 people in the main list of 7 people, called the strongest in the history of the semi-finals PK. Keywords Xinjiang has three national champion team Las Guo Shaoshui is the true leader in 2015 Changsha asianchampionship the main China men’s basketball team of 12 people, 7 people gathered in the three teams in the semi-finals. The Xinjiang, Lee and Liu Wei Zhou Qi sitting on the third national team, the distribution of people inside, up front and back line. Xinjiang both inside and outside the line have active team lineup of luxury in the abnormal. The Liaoning team has two active players Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei, but Zhao Jiwei could not play because of a shoulder injury. In addition, the Liaoning team also has Han Dejun, Li Xiaoxu, He Tianju, Yang Ming and other former national champion, amazing lineup thickness. The Guangdong team of Yi Jianlian and Zhou Peng two current national team, of which Yi Jianlian is China inside the core team above suspicion doubt Zhou Peng as active, Chinese basketball captain, good offense and defense. In addition to these two people, Zhu Fangyu, Shipeng Wang, Chen Jianghua have been in the national team for many years of players, has a wealth of international competitions and playoff experience. The clash between Liaoning and Guangdong was thought to be wonderful. And PK, the most delighted fans, is undoubtedly the PK between Guo Ailun and Yi Jianlian, two people in different positions, but one is the main control of Chinese men’s basketball team, one is the inner core of Chinese men’s basketball team. Who will really play the role of spiritual leader in their respective teams?.

半决赛新疆坐拥三大国手 阿联郭少谁是真领袖 三大国手   □金陵晚报记者 赵彦砚   CBA半决赛将于明晚打响,辽宁与广东、新疆与四川捉对厮杀。广东曾八夺总冠军,辽宁与新疆多次杀入总决赛,拥有三外援的四川队是本赛季的大黑马。这四支队伍中还聚集了2015年亚锦赛中国男篮12人主力名单中的7人,堪称史上最强的半决赛PK。   关键词   国手   新疆坐拥三大国手   阿联郭少谁是真领袖   2015年长沙亚锦赛的中国男篮12人主力,有7人聚集在半决赛的三支队伍中。其中新疆坐拥周琦、李根和刘炜三大国手,这三人分布在内线、锋线和后卫线。新疆内外线均有现役国手坐镇,阵容可谓豪华异常。   辽宁队则拥有郭艾伦和赵继伟两名现役国手,不过赵继伟因为肩伤无法出战。此外辽宁队还拥有韩德君、李晓旭、贺天举、杨鸣等多位前国手,阵容厚度令人惊叹。   广东队阵中有易建联和周鹏两位现役国手,其中易建联是中国男篮无可置疑的内线核心,周鹏作为现役中国男篮队长,攻防俱佳。除了这两人外,朱芳雨、王仕鹏、陈江华都曾是在国家队征战过多年的球员,拥有丰富的国际大赛和季后赛经验。   辽宁和广东之间的对决,被外界认为将会精彩异常。而辽粤PK,最令球迷愉悦的,无疑是郭艾伦和易建联之间的PK,两人位置不同,但一个是中国男篮的主力控卫,一个是中国男篮的的内线核心。谁将在各自球队中真正承担起精神领袖的作用,拭目以待。相关的主题文章: