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Yu Chengdong: after Mate 9 direct competition – Sohu technology Sohu Lv Linxuan HUAWEI Mate technology and look forward to Apple’s 9 again under the overseas version of the price in the domestic market, went on sale 1 minutes sales break billion. Mate 9 as HUAWEI’s flagship, integrated 960, Leica dual camera, kylin EMUI 5 from software to hardware product highlights, priced from 3399 yuan, the highest price of Porsche HUAWEI Mate 9 edition on the probe to 8999 yuan, which has become the mainstream consumer level in the highest price of a mobile phone. After the meeting, Yu Chengdong accepted an interview with reporters, which is undoubtedly the most interested in the future of high-end HUAWEI will move forward. In response to OV: before to see the long race research agency released data that OPPO, VIVO in Chinese two manufacturers market share higher than HUAWEI, Yu Chengdong, said the game is a marathon, not a sprint, do not care about a moment someone went to the front of the. Zhu Ping also pointed out that the market will change is normal, from GfK and Shiner data, the third quarter of HUAWEI’s share of the first. Yu Chengdong said HUAWEI is not an instant success, not a quick look to the company, is to build the core competence system of more long-term. Yu Chengdong is confident that: we will grasp a rhythm, we continue to force, to see who can be in the future can also run down. We still have this confidence." High end of the dispute: look forward to competing with apple on HUAWEI’s competitors in the end who has several adjustments. A millet began to rise, all the people think that HUAWEI’s biggest competitor is millet, millet later premium capacity did not improve after OPPO, VIVO and 2000-30003000-4000 become HUAWEI in the two yuan price segment of the core competition, and now the market competition is indeed become anxious situation. But Yu Chengdong still points to HUAWEI’s competitors. Yu Chengdong carefully analyzed the current HUAWEI high-end product price distribution, he pointed out that before Mate 9, P9 Plus 4000 yuan stalls have been sold out. "We are willing to buy HUAWEI products high version…… This time we broke through the more than 5 thousand gear, Porsche ultimate into the stalls of more than 8 thousand. We want to be able to compete directly with apple." Yu Chengdong pointed out that "the real more than 4 thousand dollars for domestic manufacturers sell only HUAWEI a massive." High end products rely on high-tech content, there is no certain technical content, technology leading capacity, consumers will not be willing to buy the goods at this price. HUAWEI hopes to rely on the strength of scientific and technological innovation, in the high-end competition with apple to occupy more than them, occupy a better market position, access to a larger market share. At the same time on the low-end market competition, Yu Chengdong said HUAWEI can get advantage through HUAWEI Nova and glory two brands to compete. HUAWEI Nova recently launched the price and configuration on OPPO.相关的主题文章: